What’s trending in hair styles in 2015?

If you’re like me than you want to always carry a hairstyle that’s top of the line for this season.

You want to be as trendy as possible, and always rock “the trend” for the current season. If you’re anything like that, than this is the right article for you. I will be giving you some of the hottest hairstyles for 2015, straight from the Hollywood red carpets and runways from across the globe. I’m always good on my promises, which you already know well if you’ve read some of my past articles, and I don’t intend to start disappointing you now.

trending hairstyles 2015

The purpose of this article is to give you a hint of what’s hot right now, and hopefully spark some amount of inspiration for you to adapt these hairstyles to your own fashion statement. There are plenty of sexy and chic options to choose from here, so I’m hoping there will be something for everybody to use to some extent.

The first style I’m about to mention is very architectural and short. It originates from Douglas Carroll salon, and it is a positive blast for this season. It gives off that subtle touch of femininity, but also radiated fearlessness and power. That’s the ultimate combination you want to combo out with you outfit for any occasion. It also features gorgeous texture paired up with a rich hue of copper brown. These guys certainly know what they’re doing, and there is a reason they are such grand trendsetters when it comes to hairstyles. They have a wide range of ideas season after season, so if you dig their approach, be sure to check them out. I’m sure you’ll find an everlasting source of inspiration. If not, don’t worry; I have a lot more rabbits in my bag of tricks.

Hairdressers from Jamison Shaw really have something to show for this season also. They’ve shown us beautiful darker roots interplay, gradually progressing into a richest hue of toffee. This is a short cut that’s very voluminous and heavily textured. Everything about this hairstyle simply screams with riveting accent, and if you manage to make it work with your facial features, you’re one lucky duck this season indeed.

trending hairstyles

Goertz hair design has really done it this time showing us a dark, deep, and absolutely divine look from their stylists. It’s a style made for shorter hair, and it really put us through school on how to make a shorter style sexy as hell and simply impeccable. If you see something you like here, definitely put some effort into it, and be sure to check their other suggestions, I assure you they have a great many deal of them. It’ll certainly be worth your while.

I hope these few examples of the hottest trends currently out there will give you some productive ideas, and result in something that’ll be completely you, and be trendy at the same time. I hope I helped at least a little bit. See ya

Ways to get rid of acne scars

We all know acnes way to well. They can really be a pain in the… neck J All joking aside, they really are a very pesky, embarrassing, and painful skin condition. Once you get rid of them, you’ll have a nice set of scars, so you can never forget the “beautiful” times you’ve had together. So, it’s simply a problem that keeps on giving, no matter what you try to do about it.

The good news is, most of these scars will simply fade away after being there for a couple of months, but who wants to wait for that to happen naturally? You want to get rid of them right now, and I have a bag full of tricks designed to do just that. I’ll show you some ways of dealing with these scars, which are completely natural and very effective on top of that. I’m not a great advocate of cosmetic products being used where Mother Nature already has a perfect remedy for whatever bugs you. So, I’ll keep my tips tightly concentrated around the usage of natural remedies.

Before we start, I do have a minor disclaimer I’ll share with you. I’m all about telling you the complete truth, so here it goes. You won’t be able to get rid of the scars in one go or one day/night. I believe you might already know this, but just in case you don’t. There are no miracle elixirs here, and every natural remedy will take some time to do its thing. Luckily, that time will be considerably shorter than a few moths it would take for the scars to disappear without any kind of treatment.

Over time, however you’ll start seeing improvements. The most important thing is to keep going and sticking to the schedule even after you start noticing the scar removal process in action. I’ll give you some of the tips I have, which I deemed to be the best, and all you’ll have to do is try them and see which one suits your skin type the best.

Ways to get rid of acne scars

Method 1: Start with some freshly squeezed lemon juice

Lemon has some natural properties which will bleach your skin completely harmlessly. It’ll also be very effective at lightening the scars your acne were kind enough to leave behind.

You can choose between two methods here. You can use the lemon juice as a simple face cleanser, or as an overnight mask. For the first method you’ll just need to mix some lemon juice with water, and apply the mixture to your scars, trying to avoid the healthy parts of your skin. Give it somewhere around 15-20 minutes to work, and then wash it off. The mask part is pretty self-explanatory, I believe.

Just be sure to moisturize your skin right after removing the lemon juice since the citric acid found in lemon juice can have a very drying effect on your face.

Lime juice also contains citric acid, so it can replace fresh lemons in a pinch.

Baking soda exfoliating

I bet you didn’t know you can use your everyday baking soda for skin exfoliating, and also for minimizing the chances of acne scars ever appearing. All you’ll ever have to do here is creating a paste made of 2 tablespoons of water an 1 of baking soda. Simply start by applying this paste all over your face, and gently rub it in for about 2 minutes. Use warm water for the rinsing process afterwards, and pat your skin dry with a towel.

There’s one catch here, however. You mustn’t use baking soda as a part of your active acne treatment. Its PH value is far too great compared to our skin, and it’s an excellent environment for your acne to thrive even more and last longer. So, great for the scars, lousy for active acne.

Honey, honey, honey!

Clearing your face of pimples and reducing the overall redness of your face is what honey does best. It has a very strong antibacterial properties, it will sooth your skin and take care of any possible inflammations. Manuka or raw honey will be the most effective choices, and you can freely dab them on your face via q-tip.

Turban hair styles in fashion

So, we’ve all had a period (or periods) in our lives when we wanted to try out something different with out hair. Something wild and exotic, something that out there. But at this time there’s a very small amount of things that hadn’t been done to death, if any. Turban hairstyles are something that has yet to be exploited though, in my humble opinion.

In order to give you the chance to claim this look for yourself alone, before anybody else does I’m writing this short article with basically two-fold purpose in mind. First would be to get you to look into this style a bit more, and to do some research on the matter. Second is to give you some basic ideas where this look might take you if you decide to go for it. The turban style isn’t reserved for the beauties of the Middle East no more. You can make it yourself very quickly and efficiently in your own bathroom.

Turban hair styles2

One of the added benefits of this style is the fact that it can hide away your bad hair day. It will be you little go-to look when you just can’t bring yourself to do anything about the mess you woke up in. Just do some quick combing and put a turban over your head. You’ll cover your bad hair day by looking simply awesome and exotic to match. It’s a hell of a bargain if you ask me.

Turban is also a great thing and a great aid in your constant battle against the weather. Your hair is very susceptible to the elements, and putting a turban over it will give it the much needed protection. It’s also very light, so it will allow your scalp to breathe, and it won’t flatten the hell out of your hair either.

But one of the best things I could say about the turban headbands and full on turbans is the fact that you can wear them with pretty much anything without looking like you haven’t got a clue about style and clothes combinations. They go well with literally anything you put on. They’re great for formal gatherings since they can be combined perfectly with all sorts of dresses, but they also have that casual flare about them. You can just put on a pair of jeans, a T-shirt, and a turban without being wrong about your choices. You’ll certainly be a head turner, I guarantee it.

Let’s talk styles

This section is dedicated to me giving you some useful tips about different turban hairstyles. It’s just a little something to get your imagination going.

Here they are:

  • You can let your hair completely down, and just throw a turban over it
  • You can make a ponytail, and let it hang out of the turban
  • You can cover your entire head, without any hair sticking out of it
  • You can make a low bun, and tie a turban band around your forehead

Turban hair styles3

Styling a head wrap the right way

Styling a head wrap2There are a lot of different ways to wear your scarf around your neck, sure. But what if I told you that you can incorporate it into your look more than successfully by simply rocking one in your hair?

A good scarf can do wonders for your overall appearance, making you look more casual, laid-back, and simply more youthful. I’m here today to give you a couple of quick tutorials on how to tie a scarf without making a too big of a fuss about the whole matter. So, if I managed to spark some of your interest, feel free to stick around and read what I have to say.

We won’t be loosing much time on idle chit-chat here; time is money so we won’t be loosing any. Let’s get straight down to business.

Scarf wearing tutorials

For my nest trick I’m going to need assistance. I’m just kidding; let’s get down to our first tutorial.

It all begins by folding your scarf by its length, so you’ll have it about 3 inches wide. There are numbers of ways we can proceed from here, but we’ll try to keep it simple since this is just the beginning after all. Just tie your scarf around you head and there is your first look. Just be sure that the knot is positioned on the back and not on the side. We’re going for that Esmeralda look here, not the karate kid. Hat would be the simplest way to incorporate a scarf into your daily outlook. It’s very casual, and it gives off the feeling that you don’t have a single worry in the world. We’ll go to some more complicated looks from here on out.

Styling a head wrapBe sure to get a scarf that is large enough to cover your entire head. Stretch it around, and bring both of the ends to the back of your head. I think you’re probably already guessing where we are going with this. Just tie off the ends in a comfortable but firm fashion and you’re good to go. There is one thing I should mention here though. Now you don’t want to be walking around looking like a pirate of the Caribbean right? So, there is a simple trick for avoiding that piraty look altogether. The only thing you’ll have to pay attention to is where the knot of your scarf lies. If it’s on the back of your head, then you got yourself a pirate look all the way. The trick is to let it fall on you neck and be angled enough to give you that “chick with the pirate bandana” look. Your neck’s nape is the know sweet spot. Ha, that even rimes, so it’ll be that much easier to remember.

The third tutorial will require you to get your scarf through an elastic band of some sort. The band should preferably be clear or in the color of the scarf itself, but clear is the best way to go. Get the band to the middle point of the scarf and we can move on. Now the ends of your scarf should be spread before you wrap it around your head, strictly following your hairline. All that is left to do now is tie it securely at the very back of your head and there is your exotic look for you. To add a bit more pizzazz to the overall look, you should just let one end of the scarf rest casually on one of your shoulders.

Those would be my few simple suggestions for a great ways to use your scarf. Enjoy.

Basics of African hair braiding

Ok, today we’re going to say a few words about braiding. Hair braiding was invented about 5k years ago, and it has been present in our lives ever since. It is more common for African-American people to be seen with braids, because their hair is pretty much perfect for braiding purposes. But, as the time went by it is more and more common to see members of every ethnicity wearing a braided hair.

So, I thought it was time for us to get to know a bit more about this phenomena. I’ll be telling you here everything I know about hair braiding, in order to get you up to speed with these ever-growing hair trend.

We’ll have to go over the historical part, learning a bit about where the braids stand as far as historical point of view is concerned. Then, if I have any words left for this article, I’ll give you a quick tutorial on how to do them yourself. Sounds good? Cool.

African hair braiding

African hair braiding

History of hair braids

Let’s see what the braid actually is. A braid, also called a plait is a pretty complex pattern or structure, which can be formed by simply interlacing any number of strands of hair. We all knew this pretty much, but I had it elegantly defined for you. So, the next time anybody asks you what a braid really is, you’ll have your answer ready to go.

The simplest way to make a braid is the well-known one that is made out of 3 strands of hair. It is a very flat and solid structure. Since the humble beginnings we’ve had a vast number of different braids developed, each more complex than the other. They can consist out of pretty much any number of strands.

Many of the African tribes and citizens of modern cities have braided their hair for as long as they can remember, and they still do. The perfect example would be the Namibian Himba people. But braids are not only used for hair styling, they’ve had a much more versatile uses over the years. They were used as animal regalia, costume decorations, sword decorations, hats and bowls (made of palm leaves), and even for making locks (which can be found in Japan).

AFRICAN hair braiding

Ok, let’s talk a bit about strictly African ways of braiding hair. Their braids are often called cornrows, and represent a hairstyling manner that is traditionally African. These braids are made very close to the one’s scalp and going in a straight line by using an upward, underhand motion, producing a continuous and raised row. As I’ve said, they can be braided in a simple way, producing only straight lines, but they gain much more appeal knowing they can be made to represent much more complicated curvilinear and geometrical designs.

One of the other factors that raises their overall appeal is the fact that they’re pretty easy to maintain. They can last for weeks if you wash them and oil your scalp regularly.

Well, I guess we’ll have to leave that tutorial for another article. Until then…

African hair braiding2

Ways to style you hair using a blow dryer

Blow dryers are one of the most popular personal grooming tools used by men and women worldwide. Although people tend use it to quickly dry their hair before they have to leave for work, but blow dryers can be a very effective styling tool as well. It’s not as if only the latest and the most expensive models that can be used this way; the tips I am going to share can be accomplished using any blow dryer provided it comes with the following:

  • A nozzle so that you can focus the hot air right where you need it
  • A cool shot button that helps in setting your hair style
  • Has variable temperature settings that can be adjusted based upon the type of your hair and the style you want to create.

Besides the above features, if you have an ionic hair dryer, your styling will go a lot easier because they bombard your hair with negatively charged ions that prevent electrostatic charging and ‘fly-away’ strands. Also to execute these tricks you will also need hair mousse, a round or paddle hair brush, a moisturizing hair spray and hair clips.

Styling short hair

Evenly apply the moisturizing hair spray, as this will protect your hair strands from the blast of heat it is about to receive. Now take a walnut-sized helping of hair mousse and let it work your way through the hair while you blow dry that particular section. It is also advisable to hold up that part of the hair with hair-clips until you are finished and your hair returns to the room temperature. Use the cool shot setting to expedite the process. You will soon achieve volume that you never thought possible with hair your size!

Styling hair with a bob haircut

Bob haircuts look their best when the hair has a lot of volume and the ends are turned inwards. To achieve this, apply the hair spray and then separate your hair from the top in equal strands. Maintain the separation with hair clips. Now use your round brush to brush a particular strand while you apply the heat at a 90 degree angle (relative to the brush). This process might need to be repeated a couple of times so use your judgment and remember to end the process with a blast of cold hair. Once you are done, you will enjoy fantastic volume and will also see that your ends are turned inwards!

Styling Long Hair

Long and luscious locks are the envy of most women, mainly because they require a lot of work. So after you take a shower, make sure you towel dry your hair as much as possible. Once that is done use a generate amount of mousse and apply it evenly throughout your hair, followed by an even application of your moisturizing hair spray. Once that is done, rough dry your hair with just the hair dryer and your hands, no combs necessary at this point.

Also alternate between hot and cold blasts while you are doing this. Keep repeating until your hair is about 80% dry. Now separate your hair in equal strands and maintain the separation with hair clips. Now wrap your hair around the round brush and apply the heat from the hair dryer at a 90 degree angle. Do not try to cover the entire length of your hair at one go, but separate your individual strand into sections and focus on each section individually.

For example start with the root, then move on to the mid-shaft and finally focus on the ends. Keep repeating the process for every strand and once you are done, you will be left with the classic look that you have always wanted!

Please note that applying blow dryers every single day can cause damage. So I would suggest that you make your look last longer by avoiding excessive moisture, using a shower cap in the bathroom and applying dry shampoo till you decide to wash your hair again!