Ways to style you hair using a blow dryer

Blow dryers are one of the most popular personal grooming tools used by men and women worldwide. Although people tend use it to quickly dry their hair before they have to leave for work, but blow dryers can be a very effective styling tool as well. It’s not as if only the latest and the most expensive models that can be used this way; the tips I am going to share can be accomplished using any blow dryer provided it comes with the following:

  • A nozzle so that you can focus the hot air right where you need it
  • A cool shot button that helps in setting your hair style
  • Has variable temperature settings that can be adjusted based upon the type of your hair and the style you want to create.

Besides the above features, if you have an ionic hair dryer, your styling will go a lot easier because they bombard your hair with negatively charged ions that prevent electrostatic charging and ‘fly-away’ strands. Also to execute these tricks you will also need hair mousse, a round or paddle hair brush, a moisturizing hair spray and hair clips.

Styling short hair

Evenly apply the moisturizing hair spray, as this will protect your hair strands from the blast of heat it is about to receive. Now take a walnut-sized helping of hair mousse and let it work your way through the hair while you blow dry that particular section. It is also advisable to hold up that part of the hair with hair-clips until you are finished and your hair returns to the room temperature. Use the cool shot setting to expedite the process. You will soon achieve volume that you never thought possible with hair your size!

Styling hair with a bob haircut

Bob haircuts look their best when the hair has a lot of volume and the ends are turned inwards. To achieve this, apply the hair spray and then separate your hair from the top in equal strands. Maintain the separation with hair clips. Now use your round brush to brush a particular strand while you apply the heat at a 90 degree angle (relative to the brush). This process might need to be repeated a couple of times so use your judgment and remember to end the process with a blast of cold hair. Once you are done, you will enjoy fantastic volume and will also see that your ends are turned inwards!

Styling Long Hair

Long and luscious locks are the envy of most women, mainly because they require a lot of work. So after you take a shower, make sure you towel dry your hair as much as possible. Once that is done use a generate amount of mousse and apply it evenly throughout your hair, followed by an even application of your moisturizing hair spray. Once that is done, rough dry your hair with just the hair dryer and your hands, no combs necessary at this point.

Also alternate between hot and cold blasts while you are doing this. Keep repeating until your hair is about 80% dry. Now separate your hair in equal strands and maintain the separation with hair clips. Now wrap your hair around the round brush and apply the heat from the hair dryer at a 90 degree angle. Do not try to cover the entire length of your hair at one go, but separate your individual strand into sections and focus on each section individually.

For example start with the root, then move on to the mid-shaft and finally focus on the ends. Keep repeating the process for every strand and once you are done, you will be left with the classic look that you have always wanted!

Please note that applying blow dryers every single day can cause damage. So I would suggest that you make your look last longer by avoiding excessive moisture, using a shower cap in the bathroom and applying dry shampoo till you decide to wash your hair again!